Thalia Haven, East Coast, Tasmania

Seclusion by the sea

The swells of Great Oyster Bay are just steps from your door. You have total privacy: you can only be seen from the sea. Thalia’s 130 acres of coastal bushland include a white sand beach and 5 km of coastline. With the crash of waves heard in every room and views of the Hazards and Schouten Island ever-changing, passing dolphins, seals and whales might be the only other living beings you see, and the footprints in the sand will have been made the day before… by you!

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  • Path to beach. Photo: Loic Le Guilly.
  • Walk along the beach. Photo: Sheree Brennan.
  • Waves. Photo: Gordon Harrison-Williams.
  • Beach. Photo: Loic Le Guilly.